Teh Tiger curry (curry chicken recipe)

Few days ago, I found Teh Shaolin Tiger cooking curries on his blog. Hmm…a British expat showing step-by-step how to cook chicken curry. Very interesting indeed. So, I decided to try out the recipe because I have almost every ingredients at home. The above shows all that I used in the curry (except the chicken). […]

The soup that guarantees to make you BURPPP.

Mint leaves come in different forms. This is the mint leaves that we Malaysians use in our laksa. One can find them sold in bunches in the supermarket. Mint has a refreshing taste and chewing those green leaves down seem like very healthy. So, what better way than to consume a whole bunch of mint […]

Lotus root soup

This post is for BigBok of Canada. Here’s the recipe for lotus root soup. Alternatively, you can change the lotus root with old cucumber, white radish, winter melon, water cress or any hardy vegetables. Chicken bones for stock (or use spare ribs) total weight abt 400 gms 1 lotus root, about 400 gm 1 dried […]