Cincaluk Chicken

Cincaluk is synonymous with Melaka. But I had never buy any cincaluk when I was in Melaka. It is always from the supermarkets, bottled up hygienically (I hope). It is one of those foodstuffs which smell can cause a whole plane load of passengers to faint. The kind which Fear Factor is made of. Cincaluk […]

Vegetarian udon and chives

I bought a packet of Japanese udon but did not know how to prepare it. At first, I thought I need to soak it. Then, I realised that it is exactly like mee suah and I quickly throw them into a pot of boiling water before they turn mush. It is hilarious because the packaging […]

Baked fish and potatoes

It was actually a play-play kind of recipe. I had been toying with the idea of making real pies with filo pastry. But I got lazy and did not thaw the frozen pastry. So, I decided to spread mash potatoes made from Mr. Mash (can be found at better supermarkets like Cold Storage and Giants) […]

Fansi thong (best for pregnant moms)

Colourful stuffs we have here. Purple sweet potatoes. Yellow ginger. Green pandan leaves and clumps of brown sugar imported from India. Unfortunately the cooked soup doesn’t look very appetising. So, I shall just share the recipe here. Pregnant mothers who have flatulence may enjoy this concoction of brown sugar and ginger. It sure drives out […]

Lo Han Kuo herbal dessert for hazey days

I don’t really believe in Chinese herbal brews but nevertheless, do faithfully boil them because they are tasty. The above is the loh han kuo which I had brewed for the hubby and children. The raw ingredients of these are shown in my earlier posting. Note that the segmental brown thing in the spoon cannot […]