Sesame, molasses sweets – Snacks from yesteryears


I do not know the name of this. We often referred to it as “that sweet, soft thing with sesame seeds.” It has two varieties. One is the plain sweet one and the other has a stub of grounded peanuts in the middle.

This is made from molasses and some gelatin I think. If I am not mistaken, it is non-halal.


It is way, way too sweet and may even gives you a toothache! However, once in a while, it is nice to eat because I love the sesame seeds covering it. And the molasses (bah leh ko) has a nice caramel taste to it. The texture is unique on its own. I can’t think of anything with similar texture. Soft, pliable like gummy bears. Only better.

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  1. hah well i have had some of this before. maybe a different type, though? very keras you fear you will patah your gigi. but it’s garunteed to torture the teeth anyway, especially with the sesame seeds getting stuck everywhere hehe.

  2. q – That one is the hard type. I know which you are referring to. With lots of peanuts. This one I think uses some gelatin and is really soft and gummy.

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