Recipe : Marble cake (tips to avoid lousy cakes)

I have the cake recipe for Butter Cake in my old blog. So, I shall skip the recipe parts and tell you why your cake sometimes turned out lousy.


Making nice cakes involve precise measurements. One cannot skip or add extra ingredients. For e.g., my cake recipe needs only 4 eggs. On that day, my naughty toddler had cracked 5 eggs which I just bought from the supermarket. Therefore, I used 5 eggs. The cake turned out a bit hard and crispy on the outside.

The butter and sugar must be beaten fast and hard to avoid the butter melting too much. The butter and sugar has to end up fluffy and white. To get the best result, use a electric cake mixer. Nowadays, they are sold for less than RM100.

Add in egg one by one, alternating with flour. I.e. One egg, fold (as in gentle motion with a wooden spoon), add flour, fold, one egg, fold, flour etc.


I was making marble butter cake. So, just take out one quarter of the batter (after completed mixing) and add some cocoa powder plus some cooking chocolate.

Just plop the chocolate and white portion alternately. Then swirl with a chopstick.


Note that some cracks appeared on the top of the cake? It is because the cake tin is too small and there is not enough place for the cake to rise.


My computer where I stored all my photos crashed. So, probably there will be no updates for a day or two.

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  1. hope u’ll get back all yr stuffs. did u backup yr data?

    i baked one cake yday too… easy too. post up later. can use yr basic butter cake as the base

  2. dear aunty lilian,
    what is the cause of little lumps at the top of the cake when it is done?
    my cakes sometimes crack in the top middle. too small container?
    thank you 🙂

  3. I am on a strict diet hence I could not eat a lot of things. So I love looking at food blogs…aiyah so this few days where can I see all those foods ..since you are not posting…sob! sob!

  4. i read in someone’s blog (can’t remember which) that to avoid having “cracks” appear on the cake, wrap the tin with a wet/damp tea towel when you put into the oven.

    tried it before and it works…

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