McDonald’s Double Fillet O Fish

The Fillet ‘O Fish with double fillet is back! Who can resist.


I went to do some grocery shopping this morning and quickly plonked myself down in McDonalds to grab one. Two thick, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside fish fillets with melting cheese, soft fluffy bun and tartare sauce with chopped dills (or whatever you call that greenish stuffs).

It is not cheap though. I think it costs RM6.70 +. The set is RM9.70+.


Down it with McD coffee for myself and Ribena for my kid. McD is giving away Narnia freebies. Too bad my 2 yrs old toddler does not recognise who Aslan the Lion is. He wanted – “numa-numa toy”. (Chicken Little) 🙂

4 Replies to “McDonald’s Double Fillet O Fish”

  1. that’s one of my favourites from McDonald but I haven’t eaten McDonald for nearly a year now becoz we’re boycotting them here in Oz eversince they use New Zealand potatos instead of Tasmanian potatos like they used to b4!

  2. There’s 2 items that I only order from MickeyDs over here in NY, filet ‘o fish or their dollar menu’s spicy chicken sandwich (it actually tastes a bit spicy – just a bit). There’s a mcdonalds just down the street where i live and I’m gonna ask if they are going to make the double fillets here:P ANd did I see Ribena there? I love them.. been drinking them since I was a kid… i still am chugging them down. Got my supplies from Chinatowns in Canada. Fish ‘O filet lovers rejoice!

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