Some old posts on Chinese New Year

I am getting tired of re-sizing my photos. My fault because I took my photos in huge resolutions of 2,240 and they are not suitable for the web unless I reduce them. I can use freeware to resize but I am not happy with the results. I usually take the painstaking method of adjusting the photos to make it look nice on the web. (Photos to be put online has to be saturated a bit to make them sharper.)

So, I have a huge archives of photos and some really traditional recipes for Chinese New Year to share, when I have the mood to re-size the photos and write the recipes from scratch. If anyone of you are interested in any particular dish, don’t hesitate to drop a comment here. It will probably push me to move a little.

Who knows, some daughter-in-laws may want to impress the mom-in-laws with Chinese New Year goodies.

A few people had written to me to ask for recipes and tips. So, I shall just put the links here :

Butter cake

Fruit cake

Fish maw soup

Basic steamboat

I plan to make some cookies for Chinese New Year too. Provided I find the mood. Hahaha, I usually do things on the spur of the moment. On the list are peanut cookies and melting moments.

Other great recipes in my archive are Jiu Hoo Char, Fatt Choy Hoi See, Kiam Chye ark (salted vegetables with duck), Tom Yam Koong and Kapitan Chicken.

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  1. Today the 11/1/2006 I had an office get together after hari raya haji for breakfast. i.e. yesterdays raya food left over finish in office for breakfast kind of thing. Menu:

    1. Freezing Nasi Impit (Rice Cakes) With Kuah Kacang (Spicy Peanut Sauce) that the contributor did not bother to reheat in the office microwave.

    2. Delicious Soto (Rice Cakes in Chicken Broth)

    3. Butter Cake.

    4. Chicken Rendang with Rice Ketupat (Rice Cakes again not the glutinous kind)

    5. Nasi Minyak+ Dalca+ Ayam Merah.

    6. Rendang Kuda (Horrors!!!)

    I would like to tell you about Rendang Kuda. I ate this piece of delicious spicy rendang contributed by or receptionist.

    I thought it was some chewy beef. It was really delicious until she announced En. f1re80 that is Horse-meat my auntie cooked.

    I smiled (inside Horror) chew chew chew (some more horror), my throat started to tighten. chew chew chew, my body start to rebel, ran to the dust bin and phthoooeeey pthoooey, run some more to the pantry diabetes or not and eat sugar…. (note to self- to remind secretary if I start to neigh to send myself to a bomoh/ shaman).

    After 3 hours I am still on my 5 mug of cold water trying to get rid of the memories…of horse in my mouth.

    Apparently Horses from Ipoh retire from racing int9o the Rendang Pot. And the Bawean/ Boyan community (Of indonesian Decsent) in Malaysia consider Horse (Phthoooeey!) Meat a delicacy.

    So Lillian you might would want to look into that for your investigative reporting.

    (Haaaak!! Phthhhoooeey!)

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