Terengganu – Bahulu dan akok

I have this huge file hidden in my laptop with photos from my East Coast trip.  I just realised that there are so many things I haven’t write about Terengganu like these Malay kueh akok and baulu, the cholesterol laden sup gearbox and so many other things.

This is the bahulu we bought while we were on the East-West highway.  They bake the bahulu which is  a batter made of eggs, coconut milk, flour and sugar using coconut husks.  This gives the bahulu the added fragrant.

The Malay ladies of Kelantan and Terengganu make the best bahulu, I must say.  They are very soft and fluffy, lemak and sweet.  Probably the abundant coconuts there make these bahulus so much tastier.

The little makeshift oven made of just pieces of bricks and fire from coconut husks.  Yet they bake lovely kueh like this akok.  Hehehe, I think they are making akok, or is it bahulu?

I am not sure what goes into akok but I believe it is made from lots of eggs and coconut milk too.  If you have not eaten akok before, you do not know what you are missing.  It is very tasty, a little bit like bingka but a lot more nicer.  Akok is a speciality of Kelantan.

Do you know that you can get both akok and bahulu from a very nice, clean, modern stall in Tesco Penang?  It is located just next to the children’s playground and goes by the name of Ann’s Bahulu (or something like that).  Ann is a Kelantanese lady but I believe she has now franchise her stall to some other people.

I had not had a chance to visit any pasar Ramadhan this year because I just recovered from a three weeks cough.  The doctor gave strict order to stay away from ice and spicy foods due to my bad throat.  That’s why I did not post any yummy buka puasa foods this year.

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