Recipe: Homemade fishballs with udon and enoki mushroom

Homemade fishballs have this exquisite taste, very unlike cheap, rubbery fishballs we buy from stalls.  So, in order to enhance the mild, sweet and wholesome taste of the homemade fishballs, it is good to splurge a little on Made-In-Japan udon and those tiny,pinheads enoki mushrooms.  Otherwise, fishball soup usually consist of mungbean noodles.

I made mine with only basic ingredients without all the traditional stuffs.

For the soup – I boiled the fish bones which are very fresh with a few pips of garlic and some slices of ginger.  Flavour with some salt and pepper plus a few drops of sesame oil.

Boil a packet of udon separate which can serves three person with bunch of enoki.  I added dou-miu or pea sprouts for some greens.

I sprinkle some dried sole fish (deep fried and pounded) to make this into a bowl of wholesome goodness,minus the fats and MSG.  Full of fibre too.

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  1. eh how you made the balls rounded? put it in the hand and squeeze themmout into a pot of hot water?

    there is this “petua” wan with fish paste, never freeze them, put them on the 2nd deck, by not freezing them, it can retain the elasticyt …

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