Recipe : Baked salmon with potatoes (ala Jamie Oliver)


It has been Jamie Oliver this, [tag]Jamie Oliver[/tag] that in my home. After my last purchase of Jamie Oliver’s book “Jamie’s Dinner”, I had purchased another one, “Cook with Jamie”. Thanks to the feedbacks from all of you, I couldn’t resist the bargain of Jamie’s book at Times Bookshop in KLCC. It was going for RM139 – 25% discount.

This will be one of Jamie’s copycat [tag]recipe[/tag]. In his book, Jamie prepared this salmon with herbs, potatoes and peas. But I don’t have all the ingredients and only make do with:

  • 1 piece of salmon (don’t you just love the pinkish colour?)
  • A few sprigs of fennel vegetable, the hairy heads
  • Two Australian washed potatoes, parboiled to soften
  • Season with salt, black pepper and a knob of butter (almost every one of Jamie’s recipe call for a knob of butter)
  • A few dash of olive oil

The freshest ingredients all laid out on a tin foil. I wrapped the salmon up after putting in slices of parboiled potatoes. Heat the oven to 180 deg. celcius and bake for 12 minutes. I like my salmon very raw. Salmon sashimi is my favourite. But these salmon is not safe to be eaten raw, so I cooked through. As soon as the flesh detach easily from the bones, the fish is cooked. To be on the safe side, bake for 15 minutes, ok?

It is a breeze to prepare this. If you have a date to impress, try it! The fish in the foil looks very elegant and [tag]healthy[/tag]. Just use basic ingredients of potatoes, maybe a slice or two of tomatoes to balance the oily fish, some herbs for fragrance and you are good to go. Just roll them up, chuck into the oven and it makes a meal on its own.

Readers can expect to see many more ‘Made In Malaysia’, pirated by me, Jamie Oliver’s recipes coming in future.

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  1. You can have a healthy meal and still fill your stomach..

    I love to watch Jamie Oliver cooking show and love the way he encourage people to cook at home and eat foods that is fresh as compared to processed foods. A chef with attitude..the correct attitude of course.


  2. gee, now i oso feel like buying “cook with jamie”, instead of spending hours in the bookshop browsing it, hehehee…

    btw, fennel is like one of jamie’s all time favourite ingredients!

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  4. madame lillian,

    tried your recipe. modified by using olive oil instead of butter. and couldn’t find fennel and so i used dill instead. verdict: PINGGAN LICIN!

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