Halal and non-halal turkeys in Malaysia and their price

This is way weird. I am absolutely sure I wrote a post about turkeys but I can’t seem to find it on my blog. So, here is a re-post.

This is the non-halal turkey from France.  The brand is Ronsard but they only have a French website. I bought one yesterday for RM16 per kilogramme. The turkey is 5.6 kg and costs about RM80. Bought it from a frozen food supplier in Kelawai Road (contacts in the comment section). We also bought almost one kilo of salmon suitable for sashimi (eaten raw).

I do not know how European turkey differs from American. My guess is no one is able to tell if that turkey speaks French or American. LOL.

The frozen food supplier told me the difficulties they have in importing turkeys, beef and even lamb because of the strict religious restriction placed by our country. He is annoyed that Middle-East countries can import and eat those meats but our local religious department doesn’t recognise the halal certification from the suppliers overseas.

After I bought this turkey, I went to Cold Storage and found some halal turkeys. Do you know how much it cost? RM39.90! OMG, a turkey costs over RM200! Fuwah, I wonder who is desperate enough to spend that kind of money?

If you are celebrating Christmas and want the added novelty of serving turkey, you better run to your local frozen food supplier and see if they still have stock. Erina told me to watch out for the expiry date on the turkey because some of them were imported and stored for too long and they can smell ‘waxy’. Do get it from trusted suppliers.

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  1. Lilian Darling!!!

    Ronsard Turkey are from the group Coopagri Bretagne, which is a company in France that encourage small time farmers to rear animals according to holistic and on free range method, they also produces frozen vegetables that’s pesticde free!!

    This company is France’s answer to the growing commercialisation of the farming industry and in order to protect the small time farmers, they form this corporation. Therefore, your turkey is actually, a free range turkey and slaughtered in the most holistic manner, with as minimum pain as possible!!! Shld taste wonderful! Providing its not frozen for too long already!!

    We don’t get it here in Sarawak as no one here has the permit to bring it in.

  2. Fly – Thanks for the turkey info. I tried googling but get French website. I am so happy to hear that – organic, free range. Wow, so Jamie Oliver moment. The turkey is not from Cold Storage. It is from a frozen food supplier.

    Athene – The shop contact is Seng enterprise
    87-D, Jalan Kelawei, 10250 Penang
    tel – 604-2287 840
    I am not sure if they supplies halal stuffs or not but they do supply to hotels.

  3. They have good frozen seafood too. Seng is the dad company. Fresh Yield is also belonging to theirs. You can also look for Moey or Kenny. They do supply halal stuff. Get their dory and cod – very good. Much much much better than Muthu. Moey is one of my friend – have good knowledge in frozen food.

  4. Wah, RM200 for a halal turkey. I found a halal turkey here in Perth. Cost less than that in AU$. By the way we can get halal luncheon meat, sausages and everything here in Perth. Easier than in Malaysia. Pelik kan.

  5. Because in Malaysia, the way they recognise the HALAL method is different mah that is why it’s difficult to give a halal certification for the product lor……. Very mah fun, rite?

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