What do I do with vanilla pods?

Hehehe, I bought a RM16 fresh vanilla pod but I don’t have the faintest idea what to do with it.  Jamie Oliver has several nice recipe for vanilla custard but I am not too confident with making custard pudding from scratch.

It comes in airtight, sealed bag so I haven’t open it to smell the heavenly smell.  I also do not know how many tiny vanilla seeds are inside the pod.  Got them from Erina but we were too busy talking about other things so I haven’t asked her what to do with it.

fire80 – Woohoo, you asked for it.  Here’s the vanilla pod.  Now tell me again, what should I do with it.  I don’t want to waste a perfect vanilla pod on some wrong recipe.  Should I make some egg tarts with real cream?  Rojakz made his egg tarts and it seems easy.
Erina’s shop, Cooking Island carries them so better get them before she ran out of stock!

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  1. Hi! I’ve been looking for fresh vanilla pods locally for ages! Obviously I’ve been looking in the wrong places. Could you tell me where I can get them here in KL? Much appreciated 🙂
    ps. if you’re not feeling adventurous this time , you can just try making your own vanilla sugar with the seeds 😉

  2. Cool!!! how many pods in the bag?

    well, there’s a lot of stuff you can do with it, desserts and such, and you can use it to create vanilla sugar as what Izad mentioned, but its not the seeds that you pop into the sugar, but rather the pod itself, the seeds can be scraped up and used for your cooking.

  3. You can try making cream puffs with it. Although it’s almost similar in making custard pudding. Haha come to think of it, extra effort needed in making the shell 😛

    Vanilla beans grains are used in “Beard Papa’s World Best Cream Puffs”.

  4. best way to appreciate the vanilla pod is in creme caramel or better creme brulee. pop the remaining pod in a jar of castor sugar for a couple of days, you’ll end up with the most wonder-licious smelling& tasting sugar!

    err… you beat me to buying them pods! lawrence been calling me about it, but alas, I’m still away for the time being… 🙁

  5. Hi there,

    You can make vanilla sugar, which is truly versatile. You can add it in your coffee, you can make pudding out a pack and use the vanilla sugar to make syrup, you can sprinkle it on toast, on fruits before baking, on basically anything….

    To make vanilla sugar, put in half a bag of granulated (250g) into a food processor, half the vanilla pods and scrap out the black sticky seeds and put them into the mixer with the sugar.

    Whisk until the vanilla and sugar is well blended. Let it stand for a day or two to let the flavors marry and you will have a splendid vanilla sugar.

    Take out the chunks and slivers from the vanilla pod after you’re done, don’t throw it away, use it on more sugar to make more vanilla sugar.

    Hope this helps.

  6. i remember Jamie did a Praline Semi Fredo using the heavenly pods…Haven’t try it but looks great. No need any ice cream maker. just pure cream and pure eggs.

    Oh cooking island has vanilla pods? Cool

  7. try this…

    1/2 pod of vanilla-scrap the yummy, precious seeds out.
    4 sun-ripe red tomatoes-remove skin, seeds & cut into wedges or in chunks
    1 tbl balsamic vinegar
    1/2 lemon juice or lime juice
    salt & freshly ground balck pepper to taste

    Mix all up in a bowl or container and keep it cold in the fridge until needed.

    Sometimes, i added shredded fresh basil… it goes perfectly well with tomatoes.

    You will be surprise that the salad tastes slightly sweet from the vanilla beans! Don’t throw away the skin of the pod! I reuse it back into rice pudding, hot milk or just put them into sugar jars-voila, you have vanilla sugar!

    As for homemade vanilla essence, I prefered to use brandy instead of vodka. Brandy gave better color and tastes better too. My vodka version is urghhhh… still like that for the last 4 years but my brandy version… great! I haven’t try using pure alchohol yet…It’s easy to find here. You can have 35% or 45% levels from the supermarket. Many usage for it..:-P

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