Need Jamie Oliver style Christmas dinner ideas

Postings have been very slow lately because I have been busy preparing for Christmas. I hardly have time to sit down to write or cook. Just a general idea – Yesterday I had prepared three chicken for curry kapitan for my choir group potluck plus some 100 wantans.

Today, I baked a nice, Jamie Oliver inspired lemon poppy seeds and almond cake, a big batch of sausages and another 50 wantans for the youths in my church who are preparing for Christmas. Am going to do that again for Wednesday with some other snack foods. It is really fun when these teenagers wallloped all the foods in minutes.

My days are all going so busy with many commitments, I haven’t even plan when I am going to do my Christmas parties. My sisters-in-law came to my house yesterday to ask when are they going to eat my roast turkey again. *sweats* A nice, young man also asked me if I have any ideas for Christmas dinner.

So, folks, can I throw this question to you guys? What do you think will be a good idea for a small family dinner? None of those and fancy expensive foods. Just basic, Westernised theme dinner? Soup, main, dessert. For me, I shall start with Jamie Oliver cookbooks and get some ideas.

Meantime, I must also think hard and start preparing for my own Christmas dinner. If you are celebrating Christmas, what are you going to cook?

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  1. sooi2 – Wuah, tenkiu. The teens did ask for a cheesecake. I never bake cheesecake before ‘cos I am afraid my family can’t finish a cake. I think I will make it for the next youth group meeting and use them as guinea pig. Hope they don’t insist to call me ‘kai ma’ and follow me home. LOL.

    babe – Tks for the ideas. Pudding – I can make custard pudding with some fruits easily.

  2. hi i’m one of your silent readers (:

    what my family likes for christmas dinner is something which requires minimal cooking.

    we pick up a smoked duck from cold storage supermarket and warm it up in the oven just before dinner time.

    soup is normally canned campbell’s soup with added mashed potato stirred through for extra thickness.

    the duck’s served with salad – butterhead lettuce, diced granny smith apple, cherry tomatoes, japanese cucumbers, carrot sticks and raisins. my mum serves it without dressing but my dad and i like to drizzle a little bit of olive oil on it, while my brother likes mayonnaise.

    and we’d have a baguette from delifrance, spread lightly with margarine too

    oh and wine to go with dinner 🙂

    dessert would normally be home made fruit cake and coffee

  3. […] Since Saturday until now, I had been spending 3-4 hours in church doing stuffs and I am enjoying it very much. Nothing like hands-on doing things I love. Plus I enjoy preparing foods for big groups and had been bringing foods which means more time needed in the kitchen and not on the PC. Oh boy, there is no satisfaction like people walloping my kari kapitan, lemon poppy seed cake and special sauce cheese sausages. […]

  4. Lillian, my compliments on your curry kapitan chicken. It was delicious and not too oily with such a nice yellow color.

    Since the first time I tried out Auntie Suzzanne’s Christmas Turkey recipe I have not been able to escape making it every Christmas. Even as early as 1 month before Christmas I will have the inevitable question thrown at me, “Got turkey this year arr?” LOL.

    Luckily 1 turkey is enough to feed my parents, a small Christmas gathering with friends and the people in my office.

    Hey, why not make egg nog for your Chirstmas party? My friends made for our last Christmas party and it tastes something like Baileys. Of course, make sure you refrigerate it long enough before serving else some of the kick will be missing.

  5. Starters:
    Salad, with Kpg Nangka Dressing 😛

    Main Course:
    Roast Leg of Lamb
    Roast Turkey (non halal this year cos no open house!! Yeah!!!)
    With Mashed Potatoes (mashed with chopped bacon bits!! Sinful yet yummy!!) & Roast Vegetables
    Chicken Curry
    Home Fried Foochow Mee

    Pumpkin Pie

  6. You can prepare Italian foods as it is also western food too. Howabout a feta cheese salad with Italian dressing, meatball spaghetti, garlic and parsley bread and apple pie.
    That’s what I am going to made for my two cars load of relatives that are coming to Singapore. Minimum cooking and can feed kids, teenagers and adults. I am going to fry some meehoon for the elderly too.

  7. Herbed bread…I saw a chef making herbed bread. And its pretty easy. Tho u need about more than 1/2hour for it to kembang but after that, rolling + baking is only 3 minutes..Its like naan bread style and looks delicious….If you dun wan that,

    appetizer – prawn salad. yummy apple (or any fruit salad) with ngam ngam boiled prawns (crunchy! oh yah refrigerate before serve tho…)
    tuna salad also can wat. Ala Jamie Oliver…now where is the recipe….


    pizza – use the frozen pastry dough in the supermarket. The fillings? Auntie Lilian can figure it out lar…

    soup – soup in the can is enuf lar , make your own bread so it doesn’t make u look lazy…hahah herbed bread can go with it but I had tomato bread before. Pretty good but soli I dunno how to make it la 😛

    main course – the effortless baked herbed salmon? The one you posted an entry about it back then. Seems simple enough and less greasy…

    Dessert – stick to the fruit pudding lar….hahah or my version of pana cotta. I substituted gelatine with konyaku jelly powder…easier to set : P Put it into slightly boiled cream and pour it into moulds or nice little glasses. Chill it and refrigerate before serve. Oh ya it goes with strawberry jam…haha slightly heat the jam with a few tablespoons of water so its not so gel type…I use St.Dalfour but any jam from your fridge will do lar…When you cook the cream u can opt to put in any amount of sugar u want. If you want sweet you can out in 50gm of sugar but me only added in a few tablespoon so its not so bland and besides its eaten with jam. So ok lar…

    Hahah Merry Xmas!

  8. U have forgotte about the brown cheese!!! Time to take it out and used. Btw, this remind me that I own u something. Will email you today

  9. Erina – Got it, tks.

    Bradley – Tks for the idea. Sounds simple and yet scrumptious.

    Jian – Wuah…pana cotta sounds very elegant hor? Put one fresh cherry and it looks so expensive already.

    TehSee – Sounds good too. Now I got so many ideas already. Must narrow down soon so that I have time to do the grocery shopping.

    krysty – I am thinking of lamb shanks but still haven’t got to the supplier yet. I need a few of them, can cook and freeze them also.

    QV – Bacon bits are those sold in bottle one, issit? The kind which they sprinkle of sour cream potato?

    Sheryl – Thanks for the testimonial. Hahaha, now people know I no bluff wan. The nice colour is from fresh and dried chillies, fresh and dried tumeric, lemongrass and onions. Takes me three batches to blend all that but it is worth it. The guys gushed over it too. Hehehe.

    dee – Wow, the duck sounds nice. I hardly eat duck but I notice Jamie Oliver likes to cook it. Must try one of his orange duck. Sounds so yummy. I like gamey meat. Tks!

  10. I think for this Xmas I will cook some roast leg of lamb, glaze with mustard and honey, roasted root vege consisting of pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrot and potatoes. For dessert maybe chocolate tart or apple tatin. Roast leg of lamb recipe from Donna Hay, roasted root vegs from Jamie olivers and his chocolate tart. The Apple tatin not sure from whose recipe yet. Just like to get into the festive mood eventhough we are not a Christian.

  11. Err..yeah, you can get those in the bottles, but it taste a lot better if you fry the bacon yourself and let it cool and chop it into small bits..and toss the oil and grits from frying the bacon into the mashed potatoes..yummy but cholesterol ladden, bt its Christmas, we repent at Lent 😛

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