Candlenuts = buah keras


Every time I see these candlenuts or buah keras, I feel like popping them into my mouth because they look so much like macadamia nuts.  It is about the same size and colour.  But candlenuts are very, very cheap and has almost no taste except for some oiliness. Yeap, I did bite a bit yesterday so that I can explain how candlenuts taste like.
Most Malay style curries call for candlenuts because it thickens the curry gravy and complement with coconut milk.  I used this in my Kari Kapitan.  Usually, candlenuts are pounded or grinded till it turned into pulp.  It is very oily and hence, turned give curries a delicious taste.  Use just 3-4 candlenuts for a regular pot of curries.

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  1. looks like buah berangan 😛
    btw lilian, do you have any idea on how to marinate steaks for barbecue coz i am marinating lamb with for steak, kinda no idea.please please please 😛 tengkiu!

  2. krysty – BBQ steak ah? I never BBQ before but I do grill them. Normally, I like my steak bare and rare. 😛 I.e. minimum flavourings because it tastes good on its own. But if the cuts are not that expensive and need some flavourings, what you can do is to use worchestershire, a bit of HP sauce, salt, black pepper. When BBQ use honey and butter to baste (mandi-mandi LOL) it lor.

    earl-ku – Some Malay curries do use it to thicken the gravy. For kari kapitan it is nice lah. In ayam masak merah too.

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  4. Try this simple nyonya recipe..

    Ayam Karam
    (I think the Clerk who gave me the recipe who is Melaka Nyonya meat Ayam Garam)

    Stir fry: 10 Shallots (Pounded), 10 Fresh Red Chilli (Pounded), 5 Candle Nuts (Pounded), When fragrant add 1/2 Fried Chicken (cut into pieces). Salt to taste.

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