Smoked salmon = How to serve?

**Please read the comment section for some fantastic suggestions on how to serve smoke salmon.

I finally find time to rush to the frozen food supplier and get the stuffs I am going to prepare for Christmas. I have been sooooo busy lately, I don’t have time to post much on this blog. However, I had been cooking and baking non-stop lately but doesn’t have time to sit down and blog about it.

Right now, sitting in my fridge are:

1) Turkey – About 6 kg

2) Boneless leg of lamb – about 2 kg

3) Four lamb shanks

4) Dory fillet – 2 kg

and I bought one smoked salmon which weighs 1.4kg. It is frozen and sliced. Certified halal too.

I am not sure what to do with it yet. Usually, I enjoy smoked salmon with crackers and bit of cream cheese. I am thinking of serving them to my in-laws who are not that familiar with Western foods. A good hors d’oeuvre, don’t you think? Elegant and expensive. Well, I bought it in bulk so it is not so expensive. Otherwise, 100 grams is about RM12.

We have separated them into smaller batches and am just waiting for Christmas! Any good ideas how to serve smoked salmon. I am not going to prepare any pasta with cream sauce and smoked salmon or any caesar salad because my in-laws won’t be able to acquaint themselves to creamy stuffs like these.

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  1. Well, a simple recipe that your kids can help you with is to make salmon toasts

    Get one loaf of bread
    Cream Cheese
    Smoked Salmon


    Butter the bread and with a cookie cutter, cut a desired shape, (a big shape, Christmas Tree Design or star shaped design or whatever design you have) and then place into a buttered baking tray and when the tray is filled, pop it into the oven and toast it till its golden brown.

    Take toast out of the oven, cool and then spread cream cheese over it,

    With the same cookie cutter that you used to cut the bread, cut up the smoked salmon and place it on top of the toast with cream cheese.

    Really yummy

  2. or you can do the old boring british way of serving smoke salmon and that’s little dainty sandwiches with cucumber and smoked salmon slices 😛

    or you can roll it into sushi, squirt some japanese mayo and a slice of cucumber..that’s yummy also

    however, if you want to be really imaginative and you got the time, a really nice recipe is smoke salmon wonton and i’m now remembering the flavour in my mouth…salivating salivating!!


    Smoked salmon (little slivers or flakes of it)
    Finely chopped Green Onions (daun bawang) or Chives
    Cream cheese
    Chopped Garlic to taste
    wonton wrappers
    salt and pepper

    Combine the smoked salmon, green onions, cream chesese and salt and pepper in a bowl and add ingredients to taste of cook (the agak agak method of grandma)
    Place a spoonfull of mixture in the centre of the wonton wrappers and fold as how you fold normal wonton,
    Drop into wok of hot oil and fry till wonton skin browns lightly

    Place wonton on a plate that’s been lined with freshly thinly sliced cucumber (use slicer) as decoration and for those vegans who wants to eat the cucumber and serve with sweet thai chilli sauce
    serve with thai chilli sauce

  3. have you tried smoked salmon with mayomastard dill sauce its fantastic….

    sauce : mayo
    fresh dill leaves

  4. hmmmm……smoked salmon ravioli? hoho non creamy dish ar? Very susah because cheese and smoked salmon complements each other pretty well.

    Non western can? Just do the Jap way. Handroll lar! Or sashimi….hahah….

    Again, repeating from Agnes, do they eat raw stuff?

  5. Oh wow, all your recipes are so tempting I think I am going to hide the salmon all for myself. Love the ideas of wantan, dill, ravioli, fried rice and the little toasts. Now, my problem is I can’t decide which one! I think I will cook one each day and finish the whole salmon on my own.

    Thanks guys/gals.

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