Christmas menu – Day 1


Been running around so much today. First, I took the kids to the park, then I went off to get some groceries. Festive air hangs at the Cold Storage with so many expats shopping for foods. I bought one bottle of seafood sauce. But didn’t manage to take dinner ‘cos after getting back from the grocery shopping, I had to rush to choir practice. Phew…that leaves me totally zonked out and forgetting my lines. Hehehehe. Finally got home at past 10 at night. Chopped up some celerey, one apple, parsley and added a few slices of smoked salmon and a dash of black pepper. Then, I indulged in the seafood sauce with the salmon. Yumm…


The cost of foods is really expensive! I only buy vegetables and some cheese plus a bottle of spice and the seafood sauce. It costs a whopping RM120 eventhough I have only potatoes and carrots mostly!

Anyway, while driving and shopping around here’s what I finally decided to cook for Day 1. Hahaha, I don’t know how many days of eating.

Day 1 will be at my in-laws place. There will be endless streams of visitors but since I am not the host, I do not have to worry if food is sufficient. I am going to bring these along:

1) One carrot & walnut cake
2) One lemon, poppy seed and almond cake
3) Four lamb shanks, braised ala Jamie Oliver
4) One 5.6 kg turkey with some roasted vege and potatoes
5) Creamy fish pie, ala Jamie Oliver of course.

For the lamb shanks, I wanted fresh rosemary but couldn’t get the herb and had to settle for dried rosemary. I am going to braise the lamb shanks with some herbs, tomato purree, a touch of meat curry powder (try this, it is good) and leave it over night in the slowcooker. I will add whatever vegetables I can get hold of tomorrow. (I have a lamb shank recipe here, somewhere)

For the fish pie, I bought some Waitrose canned peas and may put some cauliflower with dory fish, hard boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, onion and cream. Then, I will cover the fish pie with mashed potatoes and sprinkle cheese and bake. (recipe available here, please use the Search button)

As for the turkey, I will make it without stuffing because I am afraid it will not cook thoroughly with stuffings.

Now, I have one question – Cranberries sauce. I bought a can for about RM5+. Am I supposed to serve it as it is or do I need to cook it with something else? Normally, when I eat turkeys from the hotel, they merely pour it on my turkey. So, I don’t have the faintest idea what to do with it.

Glad that I had written everything down ‘cos I am not sure if I can get all the above done in time . Never mind, stay tune and see what I ended up with.


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  1. Well, if you want to have cold cranberry sauce smoothered on ur turkey slices, you can forget about heating/cooking it. But…soy sauce taste and smells better after the process of cooking it (just merely simmering/boiling it without adding anything, maybe some water)…
    I just wonder if this theory works for all sauces…

  2. Just serve the cranberries sauce as it is, no need to cook or do anything with it. It’s lovely with turkey, especially the breast pieces. Use it like how you would use condiments like mustard, apple sauce, tomato sauce etc.

    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  3. There’s actually two different types of cranberry sauce. One is a liquid sauce with pieces of cranberry in it (I think you’re talking about this one); the other is a smooth jelly made from cranberry.

    If you were serving the second one, you would slice it and serve it as a dish. The first one would properly be treated as a condiment, as your other commenters have said. Merry Christmas!

  4. This year, I served my cranberry sauce in 2 forms with my turkey. 1st, by cooking it with the chicken gravy, brandy and chicken stock. Since I only use about 1/2 a can of cranberry sauce for the above, and don’t really know what to do with the rest, I served the remainder as an alternative sauce for the turkey. Turns out the cranberry sauce on it’s own was more laku than the chicken gravy.

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