Chinese almond cookies – Recipe?

Updated : The Chinese almond cookies recipe is over here.


I have the Chinese peanut cookies recipe which is the cookie normally baked for Chinese New Year. I wonder if I can use the same portion to make almond cookies, replacing the peanuts with almonds.

I had searched the internet and none of the recipe looks like they are what I want. Many of them add egg which usually is not meant for cookies like these. Egg will make the cookie expands, right?

So, anyone have any idea about how to make the almond cookies like the above? I bought a little jar for RM17. It is so crunchy and crispy and there is a little piece of almond inside the cookie. Nice!

Jars of kueh kapit at the shop. (This is from Ang Hoay Lor Restaurant. A girl sells these cookies outside the restaurant.)

BTW, if you like Chinese New Year cookies, now is the best time to indulge as they are freshly baked and you can start spreading the fats out instead of pigging out in the last few weeks. Hehehe. I spent RM70 on just three jars of kueh kapit and this cookies. My kids had finished one jar of kueh kapit already. RM18 in one seating. I told them it is time all of us learn to make kueh kapit already.

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  1. Lilian, making kuih kapit is not easy leh. Sit for few hours and later bangun time. Aiyoh!!! 1year and surely next year your kids will tell you, buy outside lar. I used to help my mum with my 2 sisters. After that, all of us tell her NO NO. Tak mau buat!!! We tell her we will buy how many containers she want but don’t ask us to do. For the almond cookies, you can try it using the peanut cookies. Don’t used peanut oil and change it to corn oil. Coz peanut oil will cause you a peanut smell. Used ground almond. If you want to eat some crunchy taste of almond, add in some almond nibs. If you afraid by putting eggs it will cause your cookies kembang. Add 1/4 tsp of soda bicarbonate. Everyone now is busy with cina raya cookies ady. Hehehe…………. Give it a try to the method I give you but don’t be ‘thum sum’. Do small portion first coz this is also first time mah. Remember baking temperature not too high leh otherwise all your cookies will crack lor. If you have try, please let me know how was the outcome har. I pun never try before mah. Just share some info with you only. Looking forward to hear from you and I believe all your readers do too.

  2. Wah, everybody busy preparing for CNY 2007! I am still lazy thinking of so many things to do. Thought of buying some biscuits this year. But think of the price u have to pay, I think I will make some instead.Lilian, I have a recipe for Almond cookies without using any eggs.— 200gm butter,l00gm castor sugar, 1 tsp vanilla ess.,( cream all tog. till light & fluffy) Sift tog. 200gm plain flour+ 1 tsp baking/p. and beat in sifted ingredient tog with 60 gm ground almonds and 60 gm semolina . Refrigerate mixture for 15-20 min. Shape into balls or half moon and bake in preheated oven for 15 min or till golden .Place on rack to cool. While still warm,dredge with castor sugar.Like to try yr peanut cookies when i got the ingredients..

  3. LOL…..”now is the best time to indulge as they are freshly baked and you can start spreading the fats out ……………..” Lilian, you very the funny one.

    Me and my sis used to help mom made peanut cookies and kuih kapit a long time ago…but no almond cannot help you on this..Hmm…maybe this year I go back…me and mom will made some peanut cookies, some mother and daughter bonding time.

  4. Aunty Lilian! Can help out? I am on a food quest and its between me and my friends. We are hunting for the melt in the mouth kueh bangkit lolz. My friend bought a jar but its hard. We want those ‘soft’ ones. Do u know where to get it? Mom said its difficult to find because ppl now kiam liao oledi : P so they are hard hard wan lor….haih….

  5. We used to make all these CNY kuihs back when my Grandma and Aunt were still with us. Now it’s up to “Looi Pek” to get it LOL 😀 I must say my ex colleague makes the most delicious peanut cookies. She grounds the nuts herself and they are really the stick all over your mouth kind. Another ex colleague used to make almond cookies but it’s Malay recipe and I don’t really fancy the smell of the almonds 🙁

  6. Wahahah… I already finished two containers of CNY cookies wahahah… Got them early as need to send to my sis in UK. Now… two containers finished already, it’s nto even CNY yet wahahah…

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