Sup Gearbox – Definitely not for the healthy food fanatics

The other day, we went to Baling in Kedah. It is a small town but rather historical because that’s where the communist leader, Chin Peng signed the treaty. Ok, that much I can remember from my primary school history book.

After our dip at the Ulu Lenggong hot springs, we were rather hungry and went hunting for something to eat. There is a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Baling which overlooks a very beautiful limestone hill. But we want something local.


So, we went to this hawker centre opposite the Baling Police Station. Can you see the huge bone and at the background, that’s me with a huge knife. That knife can easily stab a person through the stomach. LOL.


We had the Black Sup Gearbox. Black is the brand name. Sup means soup and gearbox…..well….gear box means the bones of the cow that looks like your car’s gear. I am not sure what you call those bones of the cow’s leg. It is covered with tendons, some meat and some fats.

The soup is sourish, hot and has spices like cinnamon, star anise and other herbs. But what sets sup gearbox apart from other oxtail soup is the spinal fluid of the big bones. The spinal fluid when cooked become a thick, creamy and super high cholesterol whitish paste. It is certainly not something anyone should be eating.

For the sake of blogging, I did try a bit because I need to write about it, right? 😛 It does taste yummy, very much like half boiled egg, only tastier.


This stall in Baling serves the sup gearbox with cincalok and hot white rice. It is much more finger licking good than KFC.

I had sup gearbox in Kuala Terengganu before and that stall call themselves sup gearbox Kuantan. I am not sure if sup gearbox orginates from Kuantan, Pahang?

Verdict : You gotta try everything at least once. Sup gearbox with kopi tongkat ali is one of them. Sure to get the bull in you working at high gear.

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