Taiwaneses, don’t hate me but I think Taiwanese foods aren’t tasty

Two restaurants that we dislike are Korean and Taiwanese restaurants. I dislike Koreans for their sweetish foods and those super salty kimchee. As for Taiwanese foods, well, they are boring. Bland. I know Taiwanese street foods are a lot more interesting but not those chain Taiwanese restaurants we have around here.


Mangoes on shaved ice. The shaved ice is rough and what you get is a bowl of mangoes and ice. Ish, I got toilet run after this bowl of thing because my kid only ate a few mouthful and I had to finish it.


Two beef balls in some horrijible tasting soup that is neither bak kut teh style nor gu bak koay teow style. Just plain, bitter tasting herbs.


And this is the most boring part of Taiwanese noodle. They just love to put mountains of carrots and cucumber. Usually these two veges are more than the actual noodle. I hate both vege but if you take them away, there is almost nothing to eat.

So, yeah, Taiwanese foods are blek. Don’t hate me. I haven’t been to the more expensive Taiwanese restaurants because if this is what is served by the chain of Taiwanese restaurants, I don’t think I want to try more expensive version of carrots and cucumber mountains. And moreover, I saw one Taiwanese restaurant advertising their live prawns steamboat. They give you a bunch of live prawns to dunk into hot, boiling water. Ouch, ouch, ouch…..If I am going to eat prawns, at least save me the sin of torturing and killing them (from the Buddhist point of view, i.e.), let the fishermen and chefs do it.

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  1. LOL. You just being conned by fusion food. Live prawn are not common Taiwan dishes, so it seems like a hongkong style “drunken prawn”. Taiwan beehoon is excellent, springy compare to normal beehoon (but damn-9 pricey). Most good multinational restaurant are located in Klang Valley. And Kimchi here in Klang Valley are not salty.

    KL, the row opposite of ex-Pudu jails, has a few rows of Taiwanese restaurant.

  2. the food served at taiwan street food chain outlet “shih lin” in 1-utama are TO DIE FOR. u really really must try their oyster meesua n XXL fried chicken chop when u come to KL nxt time!

  3. I totally agree with you. I generally don’t like ‘traditional’ chinese food, as it lacks oomph. I prefer our malaysian style chinese cooking and of course penang nyonya cooking (from my mum) and malacca nyonya cooking (from my mother-in-law) anytime!

  4. to sooi sooi :
    agree with you, i tried in singapore last time very nice.

    well, i think taiwanese food is kinda nice, but it’s like all almost the same one, you can check out Kocha at Burmah Rd there. They have good food.

  5. Dear in,
    I feel sad sorry for you for eating livestock feed and make the perception that all “Chinese traditional food” are bad.
    It is exact perception for people only eat fastfood pizza and think it is authentic Italian food; eat the cheapest goose liver and conclude Foie gras taste bad ; sip a cheapo red wines and say all red wines are sour.

  6. Dear moo-t

    If you had read my post again, you would see that i DID NOT say that traditional chinese food is bad. I merely agreed with Lilian by saying they lacked oomph…meaning they tasted rather bland. Oh.. and thanks for your sermon on food.

  7. taiwanese food is really disgusting, just like the people there

    taiwanese food is different from real Chinese food

    real Chinese food is real food. taiwanese food is freak food, for freaks

  8. Those food pics you posted don’t look tempting at all.

    I’m a Taiwanese in Sydney, there are few Taiwanese restaurants here and the food is very bland too, nothing compared to the street food back in Taiwan.

    as for wangfuzhou…maybe we don’t have real chinese food…but we have real chinese writing hahahahaha.

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