Missy Donut, Gurney Drive, Penang Malaysia

I happened to be around when Missy Donut was officially opened by Eric Tsang, that short Hongkong actor whom I heard is the head of some triad. Shhh…that’s what I heard, just a rumour only.

According to the Missy Donut site, they said it is some Japanese franchise. I know it was a lot nicer when they gave us free samplings the other day. Maybe I bought the donuts too late at night so it is rather hardened and not freshly made anymore.

missy donut doughnut

Six of these cost RM11. There aren’t many choices left so we bought one of each.

missy donut doughnut

The peanut butter flavour. Not bad since I am a fan of peanut butter.

missy donut doughnut

The standard chocolate donut which my kids like.

missy donut doughnut

White chocolate. Not bad but the chocolate coating doesn’t stick to the doughnut. We cut them into quarters so that each of us can sample all the flavours. After cutting, the white chocolate coating detached from the doughnuts.

They have some sweet pink hearts donut with fillings and I saw one with cheese as well. However, all of them were sold out and I didn’t get to taste it. I heard that their caramel topping is tasty as well but it is also sold out.

Sorry I am not linking the website here but if you wish to find out more, just Google for it, ok? Well, I am not a fan of doughnuts and I don’t think you will find me queueing up for some dough with holes in the middle.

P/S : The green tea flavour suxs. There is not even a hint of green tea and the donut is not even green.

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  1. I was just over at Japan, and there was a huge chain of Mister Donut, I wonder if they are the same.

    Anyway, I tried the Missy Donut over at Queensbay, and it sux big time. The donut was cold and not fresh at all, and it was so sweet that it gave me tooth ache.

    Totally different from the Mister Donut I had in Japan, they were fresh and very nice.

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