Papaya – Like dog fleas

papaya seeds

My four years old kid kicked me out of the room because he wanted to ‘bolo mommy’s kamputer for a while’ (my Vaio with Vista). So, I grab my DLSR which has the micro lens and went into the kitchen to find something to photograph.

Later, I returned with a batch of photos and downloaded them into my iMac. I was playing with the iPhoto photo editing. When he saw the photo above, he asked me what it is and was freaked out by the huge black thing. I bluffed him that it is some insects sucking blood in people’s stomach. Muahahahar….

papaya seeds

And this is the whole colony of blood sucking fleas. Really….they do look like those fleas that used to suck the blood of my dog. Have you flick one of those fleas which are about to explode due to the amount of blood they sucked? Nice feeling, I tell you. When they popped open and blood splattered everywhere, they are like ripe berries. But then, I was only 6 or 7 years old then and there were no gore on PC and video games.


Finally, my kid realized that he was being teased.

“Bad mommy, mommy bluffed me! I don’t want to friend mommy anymore!”

Anyway…..he doesn’t eat papaya or any type of melons because I think most of my kids hate the slimey feel of these melons. So, no problem. It wasn’t my fault he hates papaya. I too do not like to eat papaya unless I am absolutely sure they don’t smell. Otherwise, do you know that papaya smells the same after they have been digested and errm…re-produced?

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  1. papaya is good… papaya is nice… at least u know what went in oredi came out… squeeze some lime on papaya to get rid of the smell…

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