Cafe latte, Lot Burger, pasta and pancakes at DOME


I am going to do a review for DOME, Queensbay just because of a satisfied customer. You can see he enjoys himself, right? Otherwise, I am not very generous with reviews of coffee joints and expensive restaurants because LOL, if they want, they gotta pay for it.

Normally, if I want coffee and cake, I usually go to Coffee Beans. And if I want meals, I will probably go to restaurants. So, we hardly patronise DOME because of this reason. However, it is tea time and my three kids haven’t had their lunch yet as two of them just got home from school.

giant rainbow cookie

Which kid can resist a cookie name rainbow cookie? So, they ordered one and it is almost as big as a saucer. RM4.50, taste not bad but a bit hard.

lot burger

My very hungry 15 years old ordered the Lot Burger because he told me he read from BadBoyBen’s blog that it is nice. And it is a hell lot of burger. It has soft, toasted focacia bread (does it even look like focacia?) with a thick slab of beef, an egg, some beef bacon, onions which are caramelised (nice!) and cheese.

lot burger, DOME

You can see how thick the pattie is. LOL, so think you cannot even bite because your mouth cannot open that wide.

seafood pasta with creamy sauce

Meanwhile, another son had the creamy seafood pasta. Surprisingly, it is very tasty with fresh seafoods like mussels, prawns, fish fillets, scallops and calamari. For RM23.50, it is worth eating.

I guess we went at a time when there were no other customers so the cook must have taken his own sweet time to prepare the meals. Even the chips that come with the burger tastes hot, fresh and crispy.

fluffy pancake with mascarpone cheese, berries and maple syrup

Our initial plan was to go to Paddington Pancake but we detour to DOME instead because my son said he wanted to try the Lot Burger. So, I ordered a pancake which looks good. RM15. It has three fluffy pancakes topped with mascarpone cheese, strawberries compote and fresh strawberres plus the black currants and covered with maple syrup.


I notice DOME’s coffee choices is rather limited. Anyway, I normally order either an espresso, latte or tall black so it doesn’t matter to me.

My little boy had a little bit of everything and he was pleased with the foods so that’s the look of a satisfied customer.

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  1. I love the creamy seafood pasta at Dome’s too but the mussels always leave me with very bad breath LOL. Another favorite is the beef pie.

  2. I’ve always loved Dome, and its service is always very good, and the food served warm even during peak hours. 🙂

  3. If u r in DOME….do try the following (I am not a DOME employee but just love their food)
    1) Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendag – simply heavanly….the amount of beef u get is enough for 2 persons …not kidding

    2) Chicken or Beef Pie – Just about teh best Pie I can find….so far cnanot find any other pie anywhere is as good as this

    3) Spagetthi Aglio Olio (with beef bacon) – well I like this as it has lotsa beef n chilli flakes

  4. Everytime I walk infront of Dome here in Perth, I would always tell my hubby that I want Dome’s nasi lemak. But of course, they didnt serve nasi lemak here.

    My other fav dish in Dome is Aglio Olio. But again I cant have it here becoz its non halal. I guess I have to wait until I visit malaysia, one day……

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