Of Anthony Bourdain, Jamie Oliver, Surreal Gourmet & Nigella Lawson

I have sat here in front of the TV for almost two hours. First, it was Nigella Lawson and her super sinful desserts. Then, it is the fun Bob Blumer in his toastermobile in Surreal Gourmet. Right now, it is Jamie Oliver at home.

If you have never catch Discovery Travel & Living 30 minutes celebrity chefs cook shows, you must. They give us a totally different perspective on cooking. Nigella prepares sinful desserts. Then, Bob Blumer shows us easy ways to prepare and serve foods. Just a while ago, he made this bacon wrapped dates stuffed with parmesan and devilled eggs. He put the shelled hard boiled eggs in a pot of beetroots juice and he got pink eggs! What a nice idea.

Meanwhile, I bought the book, Jamie At Home a few weeks ago and didn’t really try anything from there yet. But after watching the show, I think I should take a look at those recipes. They are really easy and simple.

As for Anthony Bourdain, he is starting the No Reservation 3 and I have seen the Adsense ads all over my blogs. This is another one daring chef who goes around eating stuffs that can make my stomach churns sometimes.

Did I tell you that I didn’t have any mood to prepare any cooking for Christmas until I sat through two hours of almost the cook show and wham! I decided on the spot to make an elaborate spread.

So, catch Discovery Travel and Living.

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