Vegetarian – Fried noodles with colourful vegetables

I bought some placemats from Reject Shop the other day. Each costs only RM1.90. Now, I realised I shouldn’t choose a stripe one because it is too distracting and grabbed the attention from my foods. I notice most food photographs have placemats instead of the table top. Frankly, I am sick of looking at the marble top of my dining table in every single food photos I took. The brownish blotches look ugly. Maybe I should get a few more placemats which are plain.


It is depressing cooking for one because there is always too much foods left. So, I boiled a packet of instant noodles and stir fry it with my left over vegetables from last night dinner.

I use 1/3 of the instant curry noodle flavour, splashed some Thai chillies sauce and the leftover vegetables already have tomato ketchup in it.


So, I got this very delicious instant noodle fried with an egg, red capsicum which is so sweet, brocolli and crunchy celery.

vegetarian noodle

I got a big plate of noodle with lots of crunchy vegetables and it was my breakfast and lunch. Burp.

Try it next time. Just blanch the noodle or boil some pasta. Dunk in your cut vegetables for a quick boil to cook them. Take them out of the water and leave aside. Smash some garlic and add a little olive oil to stir fry. Add the noodle and vegetables. Flavour them with whatever you fancy. Adding tomato ketchup and chillies sauce is a sure winner. Just add the flavourings sparingly until you get the flavour you like.

5 Replies to “Vegetarian – Fried noodles with colourful vegetables”

  1. Simple but aesthetically pleasing and looks delish! Not to mention it has all the vitamins and protein needed. It’s something like the lunch I cook for myself whenever I’m back in Pg. My mom has her own diet meal (just oats and veg) so I have to cook. But I’m lazy so I usually use ingredients that cook quickly and dump them with pasta.

  2. wah sedapnye…looks easy…haha i always dump in pasta into leftover soups. then i have a meal ady…ehehehe…abc soup with pasta is best.

    eh i tot u kenot eat egg? vegetarian diet wor…

    I wonder is Jolin Tsai eat a whole lot of soy food…hehehe *evil grin*

  3. lovely blog! thank you for the recipes. also the glorious pictures, they really do help me when figuring out how the meal is SUPPOSED to look like 🙂

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