Vegetarian – Chasoba (Japanese green tea noodle) and mushroom

In order to survive eating only vegetables and not taking any meats or seafoods, I have to get myself all kinds of vegetables and stuffs to amuse myself. Otherwise it gets boring. First, upon the advice of organicsamm, I bought some organic flaxseed and black sesame. I tried to grind the flaxseed but I failed. Samm told me black sesame seeds taste better if fried but it can be eaten raw too. She also told me if I cannot grind the flaxseed, I can chew them as the flaxseed oil is inside those brown shells.

chasoba and mushrooms

I also bought some expensive mushrooms. I have forgotten the name of the huge one. I love mushrooms and only wish they are not so darn expensive. The mushrooms are from Holland and labelled organic. Other than that, I got myself a packet of organic Japanese green tea noodle or chasoba.

japanese chasoba with mushrooms

I chopped some garlic and fry with a little olive oil. Boil the chasoba to make it soft and I also boiled the mushrooms to make it cook faster. Then, I dump the noodle and mushroom into the garlic and olive oil. The taste was too bland so I added some Japanese shoyu or is it soya sauce? Still too bland. So, I pour in some Chinese cooking wine. Still too bland. Hehehe. Then, I added a few dash of Thai fish sauce. Now…that’s more like it. International flavour.

japanese chasoba with mushrooms

Since I got two packets of black sesame and flaxseeds, I sprinkle them on the fried Japanase Chasoba and tadaaa….all green and nice.

Oh ya, as I have some pea sprouts or doumiao, I added some too. Do you know that doumiao can be eaten raw? The next time you want to fry noodle or cook instant noodle, just dump some pea sprouts into it for the added bite and fibre.

Once again…I survive another meal of vegetarian foods. Pleasant to the eyes and tastes healthy.

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  1. Flaxseed is really really good for you as it is high in omega-3 oil and fibre. To get the benefit of both, grinding it is best (as this will release the oil). I eat grinded mine in a food processor and it works.

  2. Thanks for the plug. Flaxseed is really good. Eat lots of it. A diet of lots of nuts and seeds will make your skin glow and no constipation. So, you dont have to visit my shit blog.

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