Tempting beef balls versus fake eggs

Not quite like Ikea beefballs

meat balls

Each meal, I have to cook two types of foods because my children won’t like the name vegetarian. However, they are sometimes fooled with fake chicken meat. However, they are growing children and they need a lot of protein. So, I make sure that I get them loads of foods with protein.

Beef balls are their favourite. Normally, I buy the minced weight-watcher beef from Australia. Knock an egg and add breadcrumbs (whether from the bread at home or those pre-made breadcrumbs) and flavour them with a bit of salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Roll into balls and pan fry them. Usually, I did not cook through the meatballs as I prefer to simmer them in tomato ketchup. To get this yummy looking tomato ketchup, just mix some cornflour and water with tomato ketchup and sugar. As you pan fry the meatballs, add some onions. Then, remove all oil and add in the gravy. If you like, scrap some cheese on the meatballs before serving.

vegetarian egg (soya rolls)

Meanwhile, I have to keep myself satisfied with vegetarian eggs. Well, they are just roundish rolls of soya bean sheets. I make a gravy of dark soya sauce with garlic and sugar. Not that I am lamenting but it is really tempting to pop one of those meat balls into the mouth when no one is looking, you know? Hehehe.