Ciabatta with ham and melted cheese

Ciabatta is pronounced see-a-BAT-a. But I didn’t know that. So, I call it chia ba ta. And that’s how my sons got into teasing me that I am buying cibaitua (you have to know Hokkien to get the joke, ie big CB).


It is an elongated, flat bread that is whitish in colour because it is bake just cooked but not browned. Well, I am not sure if that’s how the real ciabatta is supposed to look like but that’s the kind of ciabatta I get over here.

It doesn’t have a pocket in the middle like pita bread so I find it rather tricky in making a pocket in the middle to stuff my sandwich fillings.


I don’t really fancy the sourish taste and smell of the ciabatta but once in a while, it is fun to get something other than the ordinary bread for our sandwiches. My son stuffed ham and cheese and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds to get the cheese melt. Slather some mayo for extra flavour. Otherwise, you can toast it too.

As usual, if I say….”Hey, you want some chia bat ta?’

My two older sons will go…”Say what?”

And I will asked louder from the kitchen. “Do you all want some chia batta?”

And outside, the two of them will say to each other, “Man….your mom is asking if you want some cibai.”

Then, the two younger kids will “HOR…..mommy says bad word!”

Sheeesshh….I think I will stop buying ciabatta to avoid the mispronunciation.

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  1. wells, my first taste of ciabatta was when i was in the states… it was super tough.. well am not sure its tough cos it was in my fren’s fridge for quite awhile.hehe, anyway it took me quite awhile to cut them into smaller pieces.

  2. Ciabatta is meant to be brown and crusty with soft interior. It’s italian bread and great with a good rocket and eggplant schitznel filling (or any other filling). Also good as a dipping bread with olive oil and balsamice vinegar. Have never had a ciabatta with a sourish smell or taste. Initially though you had a mantou bun until I read your comments.


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