15 days of vegetarian meals

Today is the 15th day of the Chinese Lunar month. It is also the end of Chinese New Year celebrations. I started my vegetarian meals on the 1st day of Chinese New Year and that means I have made it for fifteen days. Another 25 days to go only.

It has been fun but it is not exactly easy. I have to cook regular meals all the time and when I smell those prawns or chicken frying in the hot oil, I do have moments when I just want to pop one crunchy prawns or spicy fried chicken into my mouth.

fried prawns

It is more of a habitual action. The other day, I fried some beef balls which I have rolled in cornflakes and they look really delicious. Sub-conciously, I did bite one mouthful because those cornflakes crumbs look so inviting! I was taking the plate of beef balls to the dining table when I picked one and bite it. Crunch and oh, oh….My children were devilish happy that I finally ate meat. They were waiting to see if I am swallowing it or ptui-ing it out. Of course, I ate it. “Hey, I am not under any religious force to restrain from meat, you know? You know how many starving people are out there in this world who probably never taste meat before?” Anyway, except for that one single ‘accident’, I am doing well.


So, while my husband and children are enjoying their meats and prawns and fishes I cooked, I will be consoling myself with vegetables. I like stir frying young spinach with goji berries and garlic. Vegetables are nice. Vegetables are healthy. Vegetables are good. Vegetables are…..

“Mom, you sure you don’t want a bite of this huge prawns? What about the heads? The head of the prawn is not part of the prawn. If you don’t eat it, no one eats it. Such a waste…..Prawn heads are not prawn because it is not food.”

Sigh…they just love to taunt me. And I enjoy not giving in to their temptations because it is much more fun that way.

white rice with black sesame

White rice gets boring so I put black sesame on it for colours.

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