Resipi tempe awet muda Khir Toyo (good substitute for Botox)

Bwahaha…You may know the joke which crops up just before general election malaysia or you probably missed it. One of the Menteri Besar insisted that he ate a lot of tempe and hence, his facial complexion seems to become younger. Some parties accused him of using Botox (which is against the faith) but he said tempe made him young.

So, in the spirit of Malaysia election 2008, I bring you the recipe for fried tempe. In case you do not know, tempe is made from fermented soya beans. It is sold in markets and even supermarkets. I think a piece goes for only RM2.

tempe or tempeh

It is a thin film of soya bean which you can slice to thin pieces.

I deep fried the beans along with anchovies and onions. When these ingredients are crispy, I pour away all the oil.

curry leave and dried chillies

Then, I add in the curry leaves and dried chillies and keep frying. (I didn’t put them in the deep fry as I do not want my oil to smell of the chillies and curry leaves.)

After that, add sugar and a few dashes of fish sauce.

tempe with ikan bilis and dried chillies

Now, you will get a dish which is not only very fragrant and tasty, it is supposed to make you as young as Khir Toyo! Now, isn’t that nice.

MB Khir denies undergoing face job

SELANGOR Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo’s looks caught the media’s attention again, when Utusan Malaysia reported on his denial that he underwent facial surgery or Botox injections.

Dr Mohd Khir was speaking during a function at Taman Desa Ria PJS5 in Petaling Jaya on Sunday, when he said his youthful looks were mainly due to his diet of tempe or fried soyabeans, a Javanese delicacy.

“Tempe contains a high amount of proteins and it has nutritional contents to ward off cancer.

“The opposition has always accused me of using Botox or going under the knife, which I have not,” he said.

(source The Star :

tempe with ikan bilis and dried chillies

You think I believe tempe can make people young? Heh.

8 Replies to “Resipi tempe awet muda Khir Toyo (good substitute for Botox)”

  1. maybe really can leh? heh.

    i love the tempehs sold at malay chap fan store…but never tried to cook on my own! btw…fish sauce…can take for vegetarian diet ka?

  2. Sure boh? If like tat we all can save on our beauty product and comp like SKII, Bobbi Brown and other beauty salon mah can tutup kedai liau. Tempe so cheap. Buy 1 bottle of moisturiser cost hundred plus or maybe more but if use the money to buy tempe hor sure can get berpuluh puluh kilo liau.

  3. Cokeworld Citizen | February 24th, 2008 at 12:45 am
    aiks i have been eating this since 1st semester and now only i noe its tempe

    thanks for posting this tho…but i dun see this in supermarket aso.

    i tried this but din quite like it. guess good stuff taste bad and bad stuff taste…COKEWORLD CITIZEN…you expecting?! Congrats. so izzit a boy or a girl? ^__^
    first sem of pregnancy is pretty hard..hope u and ur baby are doing fine 🙂

  4. Here in Perth, we can buy tempeh in the normal supermarket such as Coles or Woolworths. No need to go to the oriental shop to get one. Tempeh is consider as a superfood. Fully nutritious.

    But superfood or not, I’m almost certain it cant make you look younger with taut skin. Not only that, but making you look younger too. Boleh percaya ke?

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