Of counterfeit chicken feet, pirated squids and cetak rompak siew bak

It is almost three weeks since I started my ‘no meat, no seafoods’ meals and I am beginning to dream and drool of them. Once in a while, I will forget my mission and asked hubby to ‘Hey, let’s go have crabs this weekend’ and only to realise….”Arrggh….no cannot, puasa.”

I went to the wet market in Batu Lancang on Saturday and was so tempted to get those shellfish and huge prawns but again, it is no fun cooking when I don’t get to eat them. So, while trudging through those fresh seafoods stalls, I remember that wet markets normally have stalls selling vegetarian foods supply.

vegetarian chicken feet
(photo above showing vegetarian chicken feet with mushroom)

I found one and oh boy, was I amazed! They have every darn thing there like chicken feet, sea cucumber, squids, prawns and even salted fish. There are the dried stuffs and also frozen varieties. Of course, I went wild and bought every funny thing I haven’t see before.

I mean, those things are so cute and look almost like the real thing. Many of them are made with konjac or konyakku and also soy products. Whoever invented these counterfeit chicken legs, pirated squids and cetak rompak siew bak are geniuses. They can even make the siew bak or roasted pork to taste like almost the real thing, i.e. three layers of lean and fats with a crispy skin.

vegetarian roasted pork

(vegetarian roasted pork)

I personally feel eating these substitutes are like watching porn, without having sex. Not entirely sinful but just as evil. LOL.

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