Curry puff – Malaysia best tea time snacks

Curry puff is one of those things that immediately comes to your mind if someone ask you to name some Malaysian foods. There is nothing more appetizing than hot curry puffs with hot coffee or tea for teatime snacks.

Last weekend, hubby bought these karipap which I believe is only available in Penang. It is the famous pap panas panas karipap. Not exactly the best but because it has been around for so long, it becomes part of our Penangites comfort foods. There is more crispy skin than fillings. And there is no meat except for curried potatoes inside.


This karipap is made of huge crispy flour skin and flatten as there aren’t much fillings. What’s special is they give you lots of onions and chillies pickled with vinegar. It is a cross of a murtabak and curry puff.


I remember when I was in Sabah, they have these roti canai goreng. It is roti canai, wrapped with some potatoes and deep fried. I bought a piece but it was awfully oily. But now, when I look at the photos from Sabah, I wish I can go there again soon because they have so many foods not found over here.

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  1. I enjoyed reading and looking at the food in your food blog. I was looking through your Sabah photos and there was a picture of slipper feet done like a digital painting. Would you be able to let me know what program you have used to create that painting effect. It is such a great effect.

  2. I remember those days (nights) watching Penang played football at the Bandaraya stadium, Datuk Keramat, when during half-time, this old mamak would make his rounds selling that same karipap, shouting “Karipap pap pap pap”. Crispy on the outside, hot and piping potatoes inside, and that zing provided by the chillies and pickled onions. MMMmmmm MMMmmm, yummy! Sure brings back memories. Now, can’t have that same experience at the Batu Kawan stadium.

  3. There’s 1 couple selling at the Gelugor Post Office area but that was during the fasting month. Not sure if they are there everyday but unfortunately they can’t beat the mamak at the stadium. Not even with the pickled onions 🙁

  4. Hmmm….will try to get it when I go back next week for the election. Agree with Wan M, the oldman always at the Bandaraya Stadium.

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