Holidays are here but no beach vacation for us

It is a short one week school holiday break for us but unfortunately, we couldn’t go anywhere on this holiday. Well, firstly the weather has gone crazy and practically we get a huge storm every evening. Secondly, my two older children have so many things to attend and we do not feel comfortable leaving them behind. On top of that, I am so busy and tied up with some church matters as Easter is only next Sunday. There are lots of practices going on and etc.


When I look at vacation photos, I really missed the beach, the smell of the salt water and the lazy and laid back life of holidays. That’s why the urge to go and book myself a holiday somewhere in the near future is really strong. Unfortunately, most of the vacation packages including the flights have to be paid in advance and we dare not make that commitment. As you know, we have four kids and it is so hard to fix a date as they always have something at the last minute.

Don’t you just wish that there are more hotels and airlines that allow us to book in advance and yet, do not need to make the full payment in advance? Then, one can at least feel secure that one wouldn’t lose their deposits.


The folks in US is lucky they have some companies that do provide this sort of travel arrangements where they do not need to pay at the time of booking but rather, pay when they check out. Those who are looking for Florida Sprink Break Hotels will want to hop over and find out if they can fix any nice place for their spring breaks. They have hotels with reasonable prices at Miami, Orlando, Key Largo and other fabulous beaches. I like the claim that does not charge change or cancellation fees and the bookings can be revised or cancelled, according to the individual hotel’s cancellation policy, without incurring a penalty fee. Now, that’s the kind of reservation I like because for family like mine with children, we really cannot commit to a date and pay in advance. Anything can crop up at the last minute.

Sigh…I really wish I can get a break from this routine and just go off for a holiday really soon. The endless rainy nights are really depressing.