One more week left or I am going to bawl

I do not know how vegetarians survive. I think vegetarians have a harder time than Muslims because, at least there are plenty of halal eating outlets compared to vegetarians. I am talking about those people who strictly stick to a diet of no animal produce, (not even eggs), no garlic, no onion and no milk.

I have been eating less lately because most of the restaurants I went to do not have vegetarian foods on their menu. It is also not so difficult for me because I am the ‘fake vegetarian’ as I can easily pick out the stuffs I don’t eat. Still, it is hard to find any yummy foods served by the restaurants.

vegetarian filo puff

The other day, I ordered the one and only vegetarian dish from Mizi. The description was really nice but what I got is this horrijible beansprouts and cabbage rolls wrapped in filo pastry. The dish took forever to arrive and after my hubby and son had finished eating, it only arrived. Is is basically cabbage, carrots and beansprouts mixed with pasta sauce.

vegetarian filo puff

The filo pastry is sort of limp and ‘dead’ and I had to struggle to finish half of the portion.


Luckily, I had in my car a packet of pakoras that I bought from Little India. Pakora is vegetable fritters. I will write more about that wonderful little stall in Little India in my next post.

I just look at the calendar and woohoo! Next Friday is Good Friday and that means I am going back to red, bloody, medium rare steak, crabs, prawns, roasted pork, crispy fried chicken… more week…I can do it!