Indian snacks – Pakora, samosa and etc

I found a little corner stall selling Indian snacks in Little India, Penang. I forgot to check which road junction it is but if you are around Little India, which is the enclave for all the Indian traders, you won’t miss him. He has this huge wok of hot oil and is busy frying pakora, samosa and many types of Indian snacks.

All the things are freshly made on the spot and he is really one busy man. He allows his customers to help themselves to the quantity and type of snacks.

There are three or four types of samosa fillings like chicken, sardine, potato and eggs. I didn’t manage to sample the samosa because my children ate them all. 🙁


The samosa looks great and I guess it must be tasty because some customers bought them by the dozens.

indian snack

I am not sure what the above is called but it is very delicious. It is made from dhal, onion, fennel seeds and other spices.


Meanwhile the photo above looks almost similar to the second photo but they are of different texture. This is the pakora or vegetable fritters.

I will go back again and note down which junction this Indian fried snacks stall is. It is open during the day and all the above makes good tea time snacks.

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  1. I love the samosa! Jian introduced this stall to me and I’m hooked. I had something similar to the 2nd pic and it’s called dhal vadai. The one I had is made with pulverized dhal with lots of spices and deep fried. Delish~

  2. Hi!

    The 2nd pic is masala vadai. There are 2 types which I usually eat…vadai and masala vadai.Masala vadai means spicy vadai if I’m not mistaken.Vadai is another version of it…minus the ‘spiciness’ :P.

    Bon appetit!!! 🙂

  3. Madam Lilian,

    I love samosas since my student days in Bradford,UK and ever since then, I have been looking for samosas in Malaysia. The Malay version that we usually find at Pasar Malam is rather too oily.

    I was in Penang few weeks ago and I found a nice samosa stall near Chowrasta Market. The location is next to Balai Polis Kontinjen Pulau Pinang. I bought 6 samosas (sardines,chicken and potatoes) and we ( 3 of us) finished it within minutes.It is usually opens around 11am to 4 pm, I was told.

  4. alamak, sekarang ni Klang Valley hujan anjing dan kucing tiap-tiap petang, kalau dapat makan samosa panas-panas mesti sedap mia!!!!

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