Cooking Indian on a cold, rainy day

It has rained for a long time today and the weather is so cold. So, I need something hot and warm for dinner. Going out is not an option because no one is keen to go out in the rain, hunting for foods.

So, I cooked this stir fried cauliflower, Indian style. Spices are so cheap in our country so it will be a pity if we don’t use it to the max. I bought a packet of cinnamon sticks and star anises for only RM1+. I am using them in my dishes eventhough they serve very little purpose other than to give it the ‘Spice Look’.

stir fried cauliflower

Actually, making something that tastes remotely Indian is not that difficult. Basic ingredients like tumeric, green chillies, curry leaves, dried chillies and mustard seeds are all we need. You can get small packets of mixed spices for cooking curry fish from any sundry shop or supermarket. Sometimes, they costs merely 30 sen and you have a nice mix of mustard seeds, fenugreek, coriander, black pepper, fennel and other stuffs.

stir fried cauliflower indian style

In order not to curb your imagination, I shall not specify the type of vegetables to use. However, give those hardy vege a quick blanch in hot water so that they cook faster when stir fried.

I will also not give the exact portions of what spices to use. Just throw whatever you can get your hands on, including curry powder if you wish.

It is the mix of the green chillies, curry leaves, various types of spices and tumeric that gives the vegetable stir fry its signature ‘Indian flavour’.

Here’s a general idea :

300-400 grams of vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, white radish, long beans or etc
(give the vege a quick boil for faster cooking)

two teaspoons of mixed spices
two dried chillies
one teaspoon of tumeric powder (if you have fresh tumeric, just slice them)
4 pips of garlic, chopped coarsely
1 sprig curry leaves

salt and some sugar to balance out the spiciness

Method :

Heat wok and put in the mixed spices, curry leaves and dried chilies. Let the spices pop and crackle in the wok for a while.

Addsome oil. A few drips of ghee will be great. Put in the garlic and vegetables.

Stir fry and add tumeric powder and season with salt and sugar.

stir fried cauliflower indian style

There you have it. A dish that goes great with white rice and can warm up the body on rainy days. It is really ‘Indian-ish’ and good enough to serve to your Indian friends. 😛

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  1. i tried to cook potato masala last week… turned out to be excellent… just a pinch of this and a dash of that… wonderful…

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