When was the last time you eat Domino’s Pizza?

I think I haven’t eaten Domino’s Pizza for like four or five years already. Though we often get their flyers for home delivery, we just never feel tempted by their pizzas. One of the reason is their outlet in Gurney Plaza (now moved to Jalan Yeap Chor Ee, next to the market) which is so sparsely decorated. It is not one of those places where you feel like sitting down for a meal.


However, I do like Dominos’s thin crust pizza and their spicy sambal flavour with anchovies. They give you extra chillies flakes to sprinkle on the already spicy pizza. Nice Malaysian flavours.


Here’s the 12 inches spicy sambal pizza. Crunchy and spicy.


This Classified Chicken with their top secret sauce in double decker cheese is goooood. We pay extra RM7 for a double layers of thin crust, sandwiched with extra cheese. We asked for no onions and hence, get fresh button mushrooms with chicken only. Give this a try.

chocolate cake

And this is the reason why my family opted for Domino Pizza’s for dinner. More like late tea actually because we weren’t full with two pizzas. This is the chocolate indulgence which is two squares of chocolate moist cake with warm chocolate topping. Price is RM10.80.

I wish Domino will expand their outlet to cater for dining in customers instead of focusing on take out. They only have three small tables in their new outlet in Jalan Delima. We were the only customers and we already took up two tables.

I like my pizza fresh out of the oven, not delivered to homes. No matter how hot their pizza is or how fast they claim they can deliver, home delivery is not as tasty as eat in.

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  1. Domino’s Pizza always taste better than Pizza Hut.. expensive bread… and not forgetting US Pizza too but US Pizza getting expensive already…

    for the one with thinner crust, we liked the one at Bella Italia, the Tua Pui always ordered two pizza each time.. yummie… oh yea, their tiramisu is a must ..ummpph~!!!

  2. Most of the Dominos outlets here also dont cater for dining in.

    I love the spicy sambal and the chicken pepperoni. Can whack one large one by myself. Fuuh…..

    Chicken wings also good leh.

  3. Last Saturday (6 Sept.)evening it was raining so I was so malas to go out. Lucky I did not or else caught in flood. So I called the pizza guy (Domino’s). They just opened an outlet near my house, otherwise they would not deliver to Sg. Nibong from Gurney.

    Got 2 pizzas for RM57 because add RM7 for special crust.

    I was told that I have to wait for an hour for the delivery and I was ok with it because I had expected it to be such. Wah my pizzas arrive exactly an hour later, in the pouring rain.

    They tasted great! No hassle in the rain, save petrol! I ate pizza for dinner AND supper ! Good lah! Think I will order again this weekend eventhough my ATM thinks they are too expensive. Where got? Think of the petrol and the hassle, very tat oredi!

    Aiyoh, men dunno who to kira lah…. Next time I send him out to buy food in the rain then he know. Probably then HE will be the one to call Domino’s. Hehehe! Hello ah, Domino’s izit??

  4. Yah! My family is a strong supporter of Domino Pizza (so you know where I got this name from!). We have a gold member card which makes the buy-one-free-one take-away quite reasonable. They have our order info in their database so everything is like standing instruction.

    I last bought it 3 days before the outlet at Gurney was closed for reno. Normally I’ll park my car near the Kelawai Road entrance and jump down to grab the 2 packs of chicken pepperoni; one thin crust and one classic, not forgetting the extra packs of chilly flakes. Before we reach home, the thin crust would have disappeared. I will keep any left-over in the freezer and heat it up in the micro-wave whenever we want to eat later. My 12 year-old loves to have it as breakfast.

    Have not been to the new outlet yet. Must go one day. Must try other flavours too.

  5. wow.nice pizza..last time i ate..so dry pizza..nice one .(from picture)…yum..yum..lapar la..
    x per..tmor will get one..for sahur..thnks for sharing

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