Egg noodle stir fried with baby bok choi and pork that grows on tree

I like to buy a kind of egg noodle imported from Hong Kong. The strands of noodle is rather fine and yet, it doesn’t clump up during cooking. I found it sold at Tesco and a packet with about six servings cost not much only. The noodle is sort of like the instant abalone or scallop instant noodle brand.

egg noodle with vegetarian 'meat'

Now that I am trying to stick to my 40 days of vegetarian fasting, I have to find lots of things to feed myself. There aren’t many nice vegetarian food stalls around my area. In Pulau Tikus, there are three rather nice ones but finding a parking space is so hard.

What I did is to buy the vegetarian mock meat, mock fish, mock every kind of animals they can think of and prepare the meals myself.

The above is a stir fried egg noodle (yeah, I eat eggs and garlic and milk) with baby bok choi, fake chicken and mock roasted pork. I so love the roasted pork that grows on tree because the fatty parts taste as real as can be.

vegetarian noodle

It is not too difficult to prepare my own vegetarian dishes. Though I love all those fake stuffs, the soya bean used to make them give me major flatulence. During the first two days, I had a bad stomach cramp. However, the toilet business is good. The fantastic thing about going vegetarian is the marked improvement in my skin, hair and also the energy level.

After a week, I already notice better skin. Now, I am not so lazy to give myself a good scrub with loofah during my bath because the skin feels smoother already. I also don’t get any constipation. So, bath and toilet time are so much more relaxing. Bathroom Suites like these make me wish to make a home spa. Take a look at the spacious bathroom suites. How I wish I have the space to afford this luxury.

I started going vegetarian last Wednesday and today, barely a week, I am fantasizing eating Thai deep fried, crispy pork knuckle. The other thing is I get hungry really fast and I keep munching fruits which make me even hungrier……Sigh….I know I whine too much.