Labels make a huge difference

Since I started my vegetarian fasting, I have been hunting for decent places to get some vegetarian foods. Luckily, I met a lady who is a vegetarian during one of my course and she gave me a list of all the places where I can find vegetarian foods.

So, I have been going from place to place to try out the foods. Some of them are really nice but mostly, their foods are rather bland. I need spicy stuffs and lots of chewy ingredients or else I get hungry really fast. Normally, I started feeling hungry after three hours only.

To quell the hunger, I usually buy some of the cookies and cakes made by the vegetarian and organic shops. I didn’t know they have so many creative things to make out of these. Unfortunately, many of these shops normally do not take the trouble to pack their foods nicely.

Labels make a huge difference to food packaging. They should give some details of the ingredients, use by dates and stuffs like that instead of wrapping things in just a plain plastic bag, you know?

Otherwise, good foods will be wasted without proper and hygienic packaging. Many of these are much better than factory mass production and it is a pity their foods are not marketed to a wider market.