Fun with my iPhone and

I don’t like photos that are heavily touched up. But sometimes I have to admit that it is fun when it is done with just one click like It is some Apps I use on my iPhone. So, at least it makes my breakfast less lonely.

Sometimes when I drop my third son at SXI, I have more than half an hour to spare before I need to clock in. So, I will drive around town to find something to eat. It is very refreshing to enjoy the early morning sights of people waking up, opening their shops and the unique sights found only in Penang.


The above is the roti canai Jalan Argyll. Usually, a breakfast of two roti, 1 piece lamb and a teh tarik costs me RM6. Actually, I only eat such heavy breakfast like once a week or even less. It is kind of sinful, with all the fats and rich kambing kurma. If you order this, remember to ask for the red curry that will perks up the tastebuds early in the morning.


My office is near Carnavon Street and usually that’s the street where I will drive up and down, while deciding what to eat. In the morning, traffic and parking are never a problem so I will drive around while making up my mind. It is a beautiful stretch of street, if you care to pause and enjoy the sights.


There are lots of good breakfast along Carnavon Street. The most notable and worth a mention is Kedai Kopi Seng Thor but I stopped at some coffeeshop with no name the other day. I tried the Rope Walk wantan mee and I am surprised that it costs me only RM3.50 for a plate of dry wantan mee and a small bowl of wantan. Foods in George Town heritage enclave are still relative cheap. But what’s important is they are still authentic, sold by very aged hawkers and prepared in the traditional way.


I hope Penangites learn to appreciate the uniqueness of all these aged and traditional hawkers and not spend all their money on expensive but bland foods. The above is some RM15.90 Hokkien Mee which I have even forgotten from which white coffee outlet.