Kopi what? Kopitan. Kopi tiam? Kopitan!

The name Kopitan makes me rubbed my eyes because I thought I read wrongly. I thought it is Kopitiam. But no, the place is call Kopitan. Maybe a mish-mash of Kapitan Kopitiam?


Seriously, I am beginning to get tired of all the kopikats of Old Town kopitiam. But surprising, Kopitan located at Logan Heritage, the corner of Beach Street and Union Street is not bad at all. Ok, maybe it is because my friends and I were hungry and we were not happy at all with Lighthouse Coffee.

You see, we went to Lighthouse Coffee to have some bitch-chats. You know…a get together to talk about politics, news and people. Mostly people. But the Lighthouse not only have no hot cooked foods (as in pastas), the only guy there was so blur. So, we walked out after coffee and headed to Kopitan.

I was telling my friends who are reporters, “It is their big loss because they failed to impress this food blog diva and totally disappointed you two (who are big names reporters). ”


My tomyam beehoon is good, with large prawns and tastes just right. It is not expensive either, I think only around RM6.90. (my coffee at Lighthouse was RM9.50, drat! And it doesnt even taste coffee but some strawberry soda)


This plate of black pepper stir fried noodle is good as well. Nothing special but nothing to complain. Service was quick, waiters very friendly too.


The other friend was initially not very impressed with her plate of fish and chips but the fish turned out not dry and not bad at all too.


This ketayap pleased both of us who like sweet stuffs. There are other desserts but unfortunately, I was too full to sample it.

For drinks, I ordered the longan drink which is only RM2.90 if I am not mistaken and it is loaded with lots of dried longan.

Kopitan is certainly a good, economical place to hangout because they have a wide variety of foods which include the common ‘roti dan telor setengah masak’. I will definitely pop by again if I am in the area. BTW, the outlet of Old Town White Coffee at Whiteaways, which is the building next to Logan is also very comfortable to hang out.

If you haven’t been to that area, do check it out. Subway is also there. But give Lighthouse a miss, because the guy was so blurry and clueless, he didn’t deliver the moist walnut cake that my friend ordered and we laughed that the guy has left her dry.

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  1. This place is pretty good to dine. Environment ok, service ok, food ok and service is fine. To me, they are better much better than Old Town Kopitiam. I normally drop by in the evening, not so jammed mah.

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