Turkey for Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and the turkey is all ready for the oven.

Well, not really. I am only roasting it on Christmas Day. But I shall share some pics I took while seasoning the bird.


The red dot is the timer. Hmmm…fire80, someone who commented :

still… upside down how to see the thing pop-up.. or down as the case may be?

Well, fire80 got a point. I am going to place my turkey breastside down in a pan and not a rack as there is not enough space for a rack. I suppose I have to keep checking the pop-up towards the end. Hehehe, it is not a cracker so the turkey won’t explode if the popper is pressed down, I suppose.


I was told to prick the skin. It was errm…very nice to stab the big bird.

As can be seen from the first pic, I only season the turkey with salt, pepper and XO brandy. I had purposely hide the brand of the XO. Wouldn’t want to promote any brand.


I had fun taking this photo using sports action programme and multi-shots. I wanted to capture the XO flowing down. It is not easy to hold a heavy camera in one hand and an expensive bottle of XO on the other hand. Then, I had to use telephoto to capture the macro shots.

Hahaha, I hope this turkey felt appreciated for all the attention I gave to it. It is even much more photographed than Miss Turkey! (I know, lame joke.)

BTW, can anyone tell me is that plastic holder meant to be thrown away? It held together the turkey while in its packaging. I am going to throw it away because it is made of plastic. Now, do I have to tie the legs? Where do I buy the strings? Sigh…so many questions, so little time to Google to find out.

9 Replies to “Turkey for Christmas”

  1. The plastic is oven safe nylon, so you don’t need to throw it away. You might want to remove it to take out the giblets if they are inside, and then put it back on again. Good luck with your first turkey and Merry Christmas.

  2. lilian,

    merry christmas to you & the family. have a blessed new year.

    erhh… you can just use any normal cotton thread to tie-up the turkey, works just fine.

  3. Kak lilian,
    Happy christmas again 🙂 Don’t forget to put up the pictures of your christmas spread (plus you and yours in your best garb) during the christmas feast ya kak lilian 🙂

  4. the plastic is oven safe. No need to remove. The giblets and liver are in a plstic bag that u can remove without taking out the plastic thingy except u want to stuffed the turkey.

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