Abused cows video and beef recall issue

I have seen these very sad video about abused cows. I must warn you that some of the videos are very gory and very, very inhumane. I am going to put only one taken from a news channel. The poor cow’s legs were broken but were made to walk. Those that are too sick to stand were prodded to move.

These just sort of make you lose faith in eating processed foods, right? We get our meats all nicely packed as minced meat, steaks, bacons, hams etc and we tend to forget the animals these meats come from.

The above video has led to the biggest beef recall in the United States.

If you have the stomach to see worse video, you can find out from this post about the beef recall. I didn’t watch it, I can’t. It is too sad.

And nyek, I am still on vegetarian diet, so no cows are in me.