Dong Zhi – Video of rolling tang yuen

I have written umpteenth time about winter solstice or Dong Zhi so there is nothing left that I haven’t mentioned. You can find the recipe to make tang yuen, some grandma stories and etc on this site. Just use the search button and you should be able to get a few posts through the two years I started this blog.

So, I shall just put a short video clip which is less than 1 minute. My kids played with the dough of various colours.

Happy [tag]Dong Zhi[/tag] to all readers!

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  1. Your little Matthew really cute. If only my son wanna chip in to help. I made mine yesterday too. I make them into 8 colours. Red, white, blue, brown, purple, yellow, orange and green. Luckily my cousin is here so he can help me to make them. Greedy and make 1kg of flour. Hahaha….. Later, become Dong Zhi Santarina – start giving and distributing to ppl. Fun also lor……….. Now, all of us are 1 year older. Haiii……………

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