New oven, lots of ideas

My oven was delivered yesterday noon but hubby needed time to do the wiring and installation. So, I have not touched the new toy yet as I was busy the whole morning and noon today. However, all of us have gone to the hotel and catering supplies shop to buy lots of stuffs like heat proof mittens, skewers as I plan to roast whole slab of meat, aluminium egg tarts numbering 15 pieces, some nice white, square plates and etc.

It is so good to explore the various kitchen utensils and cutleries. They have all sorts of serving dishes and I couldn’t resist getting some because Christmas is coming. I can imagine roasting some gigantic turkey, baking lots of cookies and pies and do many other wonderful stuffs with the new, big oven.

Now that I have a son who has to cook as part of his study, being in the kitchen is so much more fun. This Christmas, we are going to roast a big turkey and learn to carve it properly. Normally, we sort of cut whatever part of the turkey we can but it is not nicely done. I found a video on which teaches us how to carve a turkey.

Cooking is fun when you don’t see it as a chore but rather as a fun family activity or a quest to eat healthily and economically. Although the prices of petrol has gone down globally, the food prices remain high. So, let’s learn to cook at home and save money!

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2 thoughts on “New oven, lots of ideas


    (October 30, 2008 - 6:13 pm)

    Wah wah wah ….. can’t wait to see the new oven …and the results thereafter ……..:). My kitchen is too small for a built in oven 🙁 …can only drool at other’s …. So good to have a chef in the family ………… or two …..


    (October 31, 2008 - 12:30 am)

    I’m not really sure who u r, but i guess u should b choonie’s fren. for ur potatoes, baking it halved would be a better option o if u r lazy enough, den just wrap it in an aluminium foil and bake it.It’l keep d moisture and flavor. and also, i saw u put ur potatoes at the very top of ur oven. don’t! put it in the middle rack so that everything gets cooked nicely before having ur potato getting charcoaled outside and it’s still undercooked. that goes the same for the other things that u wanna bake. Temperature shouldn’t be so high too. All the best trying! hehe..oh! and if u don mind, I’d really like to ve ur gnocchi recipe. this is my blog.. would really appreciate it.. thanks.. and a pleasant future cooking..hehe

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