The Malaysian fruit stall

fruit stall

I have mentioned before that our local fruits are much more interesting than the imported fruits from the temperate countries. Plums, apricots, apples, cherries, grapes, pears and other fruits have almost the same textures and taste.

However, our local fruits come in all kind of shapes, colours, textures and tastes.


Pomelo is like the mother of all oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and whatever citrus fruits.


Ciku has a strong smell and equally strong flavour. It is like a caramelised pear?

jambu air

The jambu air may not tastes as good as blood red cherries but it is still as pretty.

nona or annona cherimola

The nona and the durian belanda have ugly looking skin but the whitest flesh with black seeds. Taste wise, I have forgotten how nona or durian belanda (soursop) tastes like because I am one of those guilty of buying more imported fruits than eating local.


Bananas come in all shapes and sizes. Though they look almost the same, they taste different.


I asked my little boy to pose next to the two jackfruits to give those who have never seen jackfruits an idea how large they are. In the basket are pomelos.

fresh nutmeg fruit

Nutmeg makes a very refreshing drink. Yesterday, I had a tall glass of pineapple and fresh nutmeg juice, minus sugar. It was lovely.

Are you eating enough local fruits?

7 Replies to “The Malaysian fruit stall”

  1. I tel you hor. I went a fruit stall here in KL and bought a slice of papaya. It cost me RM1. Niamah!!! Can buy one whole at Tesco for RM3 and cut it into 8-10 slices.

    The fruit stall was by the road side one. No need rental but charges like 5 star stall.

    Wanted to renovate the stall but it was managed by an elderly couple. Sigh.

  2. Hey… your baby boy has grown so chubby.
    How I wish I can a glass of nutmeg juice now. It tastes so coozy… I need one to soothe my throat.

  3. choonie – You can buy some fresh nutmeg and blend it yourself wor. Add sui boey only mah.

    terence – Yalor, darn expensive. Today, I bought three goreng pisang and it costs me RM3 farking ringgit! Niamah.

  4. I love, love, love, tropical fruits. Mangoes especially Harum Manis and Chokanan, rambutan, ciku and sea coconuts are my absolute favourites. I like nangka and pink dragonfruit juice too. Yummy! 🙂

  5. I love sour fruits like durian belanda, manggis and kedondong. As for bananas, unfortunately I can’t tell the difference, which can be difficult especially when I want to fry it instead of eating it. Jambu air is absolutely yummy with homemade rojak sauce – heko with chilli padi and sugar…YUM!

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